Strength & flexibility is very important to a dancer, not only to allow the dancer a greater ability in the art form, but also to prevent injuries.


In stretch & fitness, dancers will work on:


Cardio - to improve their stamina and lung capacity.

Core Strength - to help execute steps & protect the lower back from injury.

Upper Body & arm exercises - to assist in posture.

Flexibility & Hyper Flexibility - to create beautiful leg lines within the choreography.

Resistance Training

This class is designed to focus on the dancers "trick" elements to use between choreography in routines. Here thy can learn, improve and perfect new techniques in Jumps, kicks and turns.


This class is great in addition with any style, as the elements they learn through this class can then be used for any routines they are learning, with ease.
This class follows the International dance technique syllabus

Kicks Turns & Leaps

Stretch & Fitness