CSTD syllabus Jason Winters Contemporary Technique’, a world-class & comprehensive Contemporary Dance syllabus. 

Its technique & structure is designed in the most classical & academic way & infused with choreographic electricity used in today's most commercial settings.  It provides the proper tools to create dancers capable of furthering their education at the University level or working in fields from a major dance company to stage, film or television. 


This syllabus consists of levels providing a comprehensive collection of training philosophy’s & exercises for contemporary movements. Throughout the levels the foundation is laid for a strong, focused & fluid contemporary dancer with building blocks in Graham, Cunningham, Jazz, Classical, Yoga & Pilates, & Jason Winters own circular sense of movement.

This syllabus truly creates the platform & provides the path for the evolution of Contemporary Dance for the future.

Lyrical dance is very similar to ballet, combining the many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom, fluidity, expressiveness aspects of jazz & contemporary dance.

It is typically considered a sub-category of jazz and/or contemporary dance. Lyrical dance is expressive, simultaneously subtle & dynamic, focused on conveying musicality & emotion through movement.

It is a combination of intricate, highly technical, & pedestrian/naturalistic moves.

The word lyrical: having a poetic, expressive quality; musical; characterized by or expressing spontaneous, direct feeling; expressing deep personal emotions or observation; highly rhapsodic or enthusiastic.

Choreography can be gripping & exquisitely delicate, at the same time. A song's lyrics are a driving force & key inspiration for the movement.