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exhale through mouth before lifting through their pelvis , inhale and lift into bridge feels like zipping up a jacket

Look down and check knees and feet are in one alignment.


To commence hold this position only a minimal time and experience the feeling and then exhale to unzip their jacket rolling back to the mat. Once you can balance securely then practice a simply ports de bras.

Lay near the wall with the back of the mat rolled over under the neck.

place the heels on each side of the ball with the legs straight. 

If you have less turnout, adjust the feet closer together towards the front of the small ball as required. 

keep the back flat to the floor, slowly draw down into a demi plié with flexed feet and slowly return sliding the small ball back up the wall with stretched feet.

During the demi plié always check the  knees are over the toes and the foot alignment is not in a sickle.

breathe out through the mouth as you demi plié and in through the nose as you extend the legs and feet.

Sit in an upright position on the mat and place the feet in the centre of the small ball in parallel.

Lift out of the lumbar spine at this stage. Imagery is a very effective teaching tool, I talk to the young student about having a personal puppeteer with a string always on the centre of their head and another 2 strings on their hip bones to assist the feeling of lifting out of the centre line.

All muscles which move the hip joints attach to the pelvis or the lumbar spine. Therefore, the stability of the pelvis and the lumbar spine are decisive for the mobility in the legs. In the coaching notice, I speak to the young child regarding not to curl the toes which is a common fault in many young students.

Draw the legs in for 3 counts while ensuring the posture remains elongated, the ankles are fully stretched with long toes. Rotate the legs into the child’s natural turnout on count 4. Slowly straighten the legs on counts 5 – 7 while encouraging the rotation without any force. The legs return to parallel with long toes while stretching the ankles.

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